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Kidnapped Priest Released in Turkey

I read this report from Mission Network News this morning and thought of the Apostle Paul’s feet that walked miles and miles through Turkey sharing the gospel. He penetrated the inner regions spreading the message of peace and reconciliation in the … Continue reading

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Core Issue

Today, I started a personal study of the Book of Hebrews. It seems a perfect follow up to the study of Acts from the Fall. It is fun to speculate with the scholars about whether the eloquent Apollos or the … Continue reading

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Nothing will be Impossible for God

Today, I asked the Lord to unite my heart with those of His children who are sitting in dark jail cells because of their love of Jesus.  Today, I confessed to the Lord that I rarely think of those who … Continue reading

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What’s better than life?

I began my morning reading the Mission Network News report.  As I scanned the stories, this one from Africa caught my eye.  The study of Acts has tenderized my heart once again to the truth that the spread of the … Continue reading

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Dangerous Confusion

J.I. Packer has lamented: “At no time, perhaps, since the Reformation have Christians as a  body been so unsure, tentative, and confused as to what they should believe and do.  Certainty about the great issues of Christian faith and conduct … Continue reading

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How’s your self-esteem?

“Too many Christians never see that self-love comes out of a culture that prizes the individual over the community and then reads that basic principle into the pages of Scripture. The Bible, however, rightly understood, asks the question, “Why are … Continue reading

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