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Would You Go Back?

Ever since our return from the mission field, friends have asked, "Will you ever go back?" That question stirs so many emotions. My mind races with remembrances and I think, "It was a call not a decision when we went … Continue reading

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Death Defying

How could the Apostle Paul be on trial?  Why so many appearances in court? In the last chapters of Acts we see him on trial before the Sanhedrin, he is brought before two Roman Governors and has another hearing before … Continue reading

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God Grew Tired of Us

Over the weekend our family rented the documentary “God Grew Tired of Us.”  It is the story of 3 of the “lost boys” of Sudan who were resettled in America.  These were boys who had survived incredible challenges and who … Continue reading

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We’re Surrounded!

April 15, 2004 Dear Jane, It is 9:34 at night–way past missionary midnight which falls for me about 8:00.   Mike and Casey have retired for the evening.  Mike often takes the mini missionaries who visit back to the airport at … Continue reading

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Who “owns” your suffering?

That might sound like an odd question. I admit that before today, I rarely have thought of my suffering as anyone else’s but mine.  I pull it around me like a wooly shawl and wallow, wallow, wallow–pretty sure that nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen!  Today, … Continue reading

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Training the Palate

February 5, 2004 Greetings My Friend, One of the goals we have here at the village is to train the children’s palate’s to enjoy a variety of foods.  In their culture, there are several staple foods, but beyond that many never have … Continue reading

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