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The Pursuit of Pleasure

This week our Songs Along the Way class considered Psalm 16. The Psalmist makes a stunning declaration in verse 2 and verse 11. For him, maximum joy and pleasure is found in pursuing his relationship with God.  The following Daily … Continue reading

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Like A Tree–Psalm 1

In week one of “Songs Along the Way” we considered how Psalm 1 contrasts the “two ways” of life.  The way of the wise was described as a tree planted by a stream.  The way of the wicked described as … Continue reading

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A Place to Die

Harry W. Schaumburg wrote a blog post entitled “Sexual Sin in the Ministry”.   He makes a strong case that our “diagnosis determines the treatment” and suggests that nothing short of the cross will heal people caught in sexual sin. “The … Continue reading

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Psalms–Songs Along the Way

Kathleen Buswell Nielson believes that our basic problem in Bible studies is that we have forgotten how to read.  We are often in too much of a hurry and want to rush into the Bible–grab some ready wrapped truth like … Continue reading

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