Acts Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

  • The Gospel of Luke is volume 1 of Luke’s writings– it focuses on the earthly minstry of Jesus
  • Acts is volume 2 and could be considered the heavenly ministry of Jesus by His Spirit through His followers.
  • Acts might have been better titled “The Continuing Words and Deeds of Jesus by His Spirit through the Apostles” (Stott)
  • Jesus’ presented Himself to His followers’ senses after His resurrection to convince them that He is Alive!
  • Those post resurrection appearances lasted 40 days.
  • The topic of His conversation during that time was “The Kingdom of God
    • The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, “Here it is” or “There it is,” because the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:20-21)
    • it is an inner, spiritual, relational reality rather than an outward or physical one.
    • spiritual” is defined as something the Holy Spirit does or establishes.
    • it is an invisible kingdom that becomes visible to the world when followers are pursuing the continuance of Jesus’ ministry.
    • it exists wherever Jesus is acknowledged by faith to be Lord.
    • it has present aspects such as salvation from sin, reconciliation with God, growing desire to please God, more sin-sensitivity and growth in selflessness (Now)
    • it has future aspects when the universe will be reconstructed and we will live in God’s Presence and under His loving rule forever. (Not Yet)
  • Followers are commanded to stay put and wait for a promised gift.
  • Jesus distinguishes the gift as a baptism that would be different than the outward baptism that John the Baptist did.
  • Jesus explains that the baptism of the Holy Spirit will bring power for witnessing about Jesus.
  • That power is not something it is someone!
  • Jesus’ Ascension marks the separation between His earthly minstry and His heavenly one.
  • The followers “waited” by constant prayer (14), being together (14) searching the Scriptures (16) and replacing Judas.

Key Truths:

  • Jesus is on mission to build a Kingdom.
  • His work continues by Spirit empowered followers–that power is not something but someone!
  • Not until God fulfilled His promise could His followers begin to fulfill their commission.
  • The Holy Spirit is God’s deliberate provision (gift) for the continuance of Jesus’ minstry.

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