The Prodigal God

prodigal-god If you think you have heard it all and know it all about the parable of the Prodigal son found in Luke 15—think again!

This book by Tim Keller unfolds rich gospel truths in the simplest but most profound ways. 

The jacket description suggests that

“Keller uncovers the essential message of Jesus, locked inside his most familiar parable.  Within that parable Jesus reveals God’s prodigal grace toward the irreligious and the moralistic.  This book will challenge both the devout and skeptics to see Christianity in a whole new way.”

I found all that and more by reading these wonderful 133 pages.  If you are hungering for the grace filled truth of the gospel read this!  If you are more like the elder brother than the younger in this parable please read this!  Whatever your reason—read this book!  We are not very far into 2009 but this is my favorite so far.